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At we will be happy to receive your inquiries from anywhere in the world, review them and after we offer our price to you and you accept our offer, we will make your desired goods in Iran in accordance with international standards. We will make your opinion according to the type of goods. We have been manufacturing more than 2000 types of mechanical parts for more than 280 industrial plants in Iran for about 15 year and now we are ready to build the machinery, equipment and industrial parts needed by various factories and companies for other countries. .
We can do our financial transactions with you in the name of a non-Iranian company so that you do not have problems and we can even take your money to other countries. So be comfortable with us and send us your orders. Thank you.


Our Skills:

Manufacturing high precision components (micron precision)100%
Manufacturing various parts with different types of material100%
Custom-made goods even with very low numbers100%
Build all kinds of complete equipment under your license100%
Marketing and sales of your expected products in Iran100%
Full mastery of software and manufacturing standards100%

About us operates in two areas:
1- Designing and manufacturing any kind of parts, mechanical machinery equipment's at customer's request.
2- Supply of different types of pumps, valves and mechanical parts such as gaskets, screws, nuts, bearings, O-rings, ball bearings, couplings and more.
With the help of our second-hand contractors, we produce the parts our clients need from all kinds of reverse engineering, design, modeling, casting, Rubber and Plastic injection, heat treatment, machining, grinding, welding, cutting and other methods. So we have mastered all of these methods. We manufacture our parts according to the need of any kind of materials such as iron, steel, bronze, copper, brass, aluminum, alloys, super alloys, rubber and plastic and so on. We also ship all of our parts with a one-year Guarantee, and whenever we see a problem with the piece, we re-deliver it to the customer without taking the money.

Some goods made in Petsaco

As explained in the relevant sections, the company's products are divided into two different categories of construction and supply products. Since supply products like pumps, valves, and other mechanical consumables are known to your loved ones and their images are visible on various websites, here is just a sample of the thousands of components and equipment made for The Company's high-value customers are on display. As the field of mechanical parts in the industry and machine is very diverse and their variety reaches more than hundreds of thousands of pieces, so the parts and equipment's made by this company are of a very large range, with a great variety and even different processes. The construction is achieved as shown below.


Our Goals

Manufacture of high quality custom mechanical parts according to international standards for large factories in the world



Invitation to cooperate

We are ready to carry out joint projects with you in Iran. We look forward to your suggestions



Competitive Advantage

Production of highly precise rotary parts up to 170,000 rpm and precision of one millimeter of titanium, tungsten and more



Product Range

The range of products manufactured in Petsaco includes all kinds of machinery and equipment for a variety of factories, industrial machines, agricultural machinery, road construction and automobiles. 

Petsaco Managers
The core of the company and its board of directors are a mix of mechanical, electrical, electronics, chemistry, petrochemical, computer and management specialists, and you can view their resumes by unlocking the + sign below each member's image.
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Ph.D. Mechanical Manufacturing Tendency Manager of Mechanics and Construction
Master of Electrical Engineering Vice Chairman and Board Member Electrical Manager, Instrumentation and Control
Chemical Engineering Petrochemical          Board Member Piping Equipment Manager
Master of Strategic Management Chairman and CEO

Some of Our Customers

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  • No. 9, Daneshvar Alley, Enghelab Square, Tehran, Iran
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