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Reverse engineering

Our reverse engineering team for the construction projects that you have entrusted to us, refer to your factory anywhere in the country, and with scanning and mapping equipment, dimensions of the parts and equipment, and the material information of the relevant parts. They will extract from your documents or after the necessary tests and negotiations, and will provide the information obtained to the relevant unit for the manufacture of parts and equipment.

Manufacture of parts and equipment

We have 15 years of experience in manufacturing more than 2000 different types of parts and equipment, such as pumps, valves, gearbox, tank, sieve dryer, gasket, foley, screw and nut, shaft, impeller, housing, car parts. We can have any kind of mechanical parts of different types of factories or machines, different tools, etc., if you have a sample or a construction plan with any kind of materials and dimensions, with an accuracy of one thousandth of a millimeter..

repair and maintenance

With several decades of experience, we are ready to contract for annual work contracts, responsible for repairing and maintaining your factory production lines in small and medium sizes, as well as responsible for maintaining mechanical, electrical and instrumentation facilities in office, residential, commercial, Take charge of your towers and organizations and provide your technical comfort. Also provide all the required parts.

Design your idea for the product

You may have different parts and goods in mind, you may have enough capital to produce and supply them, an idea that can make you a good income, but you may not have the knowledge and experience you need to produce. We can proudly stand by you, design your idea and produce it for you in ideal conditions and bring those products to market with your personal brand.

Pricing of parts

You may regularly give parts or equipment to different workshops to make them for you, and you have no expertise in the manufacturing process and the price of the raw materials, we can be by your side during the contracts and before. Leave the piece for making, tell us the real price of making it and even the relevant processes, to get a better result.

supervision and inspection of Build

At Petsaco, with 15 years of scientific and experimental production experience, and experienced managers, with accurate measurement equipment, we can, if you need you, as an inspector and supervisor of your manufacturing contracts, work with your contracting workshops and produce your products. From the moment you buy the raw materials to the complete delivery, we will monitor you so that you can deliver the healthy and quality parts to them on time.


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Create common products with the market 

We can design valuable products for the following guilds and with their participation, prepare product booklets and instructions for their use, and send beautiful, durable and quality products to the country’s market.

  • Industrial Machinery
  • Road construction machinery
  • agricultural machinery
  • Construction machinery
  • Automotive industry
  • Safety and tools, etc.

Specifications and images from

Some products built

In the last few years, we have made more than 2,000 special pieces and pieces of equipment completely customized for our customers, and due to the lack of display of all of them, we will introduce some of them in this section.

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