The most important of our activities

At Petsaco :


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Reverse engineering

Three-dimensional scanning and Dimensions on your site and preparation of technical booklet

Manufacture of parts and equipment

Industrial machinery, agriculture, automobiles, road construction, mining, etc.

Internal and external logistics

Types of pumps, valves, flanges, gaskets, bolts, Oring, couplings

repairs and maintenance

Factories and tower installations, office and commercial places, organizations

Our mission

Establishment of production lines as well as service to keep the facilities of towers, organizations and other administrative and commercial buildings permanent


With the cooperation of the network of partners, contractors and builders of the company

15+Years of experience
702+Completed projects
2000+Type of parts
13+Current projects

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Petro Saze Tadbir Gostar (PETSACO)

We are a 15-year-old company that always try to Observe the following to provide better services to our customers: 

  • Real warranty andafter sales services
  • Originality of goods inSupplied goods
  • StandardsIn goods manufacturing services
  • Experienced contractorsWith 10 years of cooperation
  • Supplier NetworkTrusted internally and externally
  • ExpertsUse from experienced engineers
  • responsibilityIn the given obligations
  • Professional ethicsIn business communications
  • High accuracyIn services rendered
  • Provide an official invoiceTransparency in transactions and revenue

Company managers’ views: 

We consider ourselves your partner

At Petsaco, we believe that our collection, our customers, employees, suppliers, contractors and other service providers, are members of the same family and we do our best to satisfy them all.


We have designed a blue ocean for ourselves 

Competitive benefits Petsaco Company 


Production of very precise parts

Rotating up to tens of thousands of revolutions per minute with an accuracy of one thousandth of a millimeter of conventional materials and alloys


Production of complex parts

We want to work on complex and difficult parts to produce, try and get results 


Super alloys casting

We have a lot of experience and interest in casting all kinds of Inconel, Hastlow and other super-alloys. 

We are ready for any kind of cooperation with you

Feel free to contact us 

What kind of goods do you make?

It doesn’t matter to us what part or equipment you want to make, it is important that you have a sample or a map and information about making it.

What is the scope of the products you supply?

We work on equipment such as pumps, valves, and general consumables such as flange, gasket, screw, nut, washer, oring, packing, bearing, ball bearings, foley, and the like. If the desired parts are not available in the domestic market, we have the ability to make them completely, and in the last 15 years, we have made more than 2000 different types of parts and equipment for different industries and machines.

Can you name your production facilities?

We specialize in producing highly experienced colleagues with the ability to produce a variety of your requests, modeling contractors, casters, rubber and plastic injectors, cutters, welders, machinists, stonemasons, heat treatment, lasers, water jets, 3D scanning and mapping And so on, we use it to suit the needs of our customers.

Who are your most frequent customers?

Well, of course it doesn’t matter to us, but in the past most of our customers were petrochemicals, refineries, power plants and other large state-owned industries and companies, but unfortunately state-owned companies now have the right budget for neither development nor maintenance. And domestic manufacturers are being persecuted, and our fees are sometimes not paid for up to two years, and we are now willing to equip parts and equipment with the full principles of engineering and excellent quality and beautiful packaging, with after-sales service from customer-friendly sales, produce for the market. Naturally, at this time, the import of goods to the country has also decreased, and the tendency of people to buy goods with Iranian quality has also increased.

We at Petsaco have valuable facilities, capabilities and experience, I don’t think you need to take the risk to make such a company to earn money, I am willing to partner with you to win win. Contact me.

Seyed Farid Beladi Moakhar+989126185306