The pump impeller is one of the peripherals of the water pump, which is actually an iron disc with curved blades located inside the centrifugal water pump. These blades rotate when immersed in water. This puts a force on the water particles and causes them to come out. To better understand this, just look for a wet tire on a road.

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Pump impeller

The image above shows the input current that is directed inward by the suction and then rotates the pump impeller, creating pressure in the water and preparing it for pumping.

Centrifugal pumps have several impellers, including the following:

Closed butterfly

Semi-open butterfly

Open butterfly

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In closed propellers, the blades are closed on both sides, which is used to increase the power as much as possible, and also these propellers are the most efficient among other models, which of course are often used in clean water. Process.

These impellers are used in large high-performance pumps

Open butterfly

In this type of impeller, the blades are attached to the center without any wall or cover and are finally placed on the shaft. Open impellers are structurally relatively weak and are commonly used in small-scale pumps, low-cost pumps, and suspended pumps. These types of butterflies are more sensitive than closed butterflies, and their efficiency decreases rapidly after a period of use.

Semi-open butterfly

These impellers are a combination of closed and open impellers used in medium-diameter pumps or pumps containing suspended solids. They are more efficient than closed butterflies, but less efficient than open butterflies.

Of course, it is important to note that the greater the distance between the blades and the sheath, the lower the efficiency and speed of the impellers.

The fundamental difference between an open license and a closed license

When it comes to buying a centrifugal pump, you should usually consider criteria such as higher efficiency, lower maintenance costs, and greater reliability. All of these factors are important in choosing the right water pump, including the pump license. Choice plays an important role. There are two main types of pump impellers, open and closed impellers, which are fundamentally different in several ways:

The open impeller has a set of blades connected to a central unit and is designed for mounting on a shaft. Therefore, it has a high sensitivity and delicacy, and it is possible to break the blades

Closed impellers are common impellers used in industry because they are compatible with volatile and explosive liquids.

When closed impellers need to be checked, the water pump must be re-assembled, but in open impellers no re-assembly is required.

Open licenses are less likely to be blocked. In pumping solid or chemical materials, if closed licenses are used, they are more likely to be blocked, but it should also be noted that they are difficult to clean.

The inner parts of the closed impellers are hidden, so it is difficult to troubleshoot them, while in the open impellers all the parts are visible and can be easily troubleshooted.

Closed butterfly designs are more complex and costly, while open butterflies have lower prices.

Open butterflies are able to transmit more suspended particles, while closed butterflies do not have this capability

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