روتاری ولو در واقع یک نوع فیدر دوار (روتاری فیدر) است و به عنوان فیدر و اندازه گیری کننده مورد استفاده قرار می گیرند در واقع نقش اصلی آنها نگهداری فشار و ایجاد یک نوع آببند "ایرلاک" بین دو ناحیه انتقال مواد مثل خطوط انتقال مواد گرانشی و یا پنوماتیک می باشد. به ویژه ایجاد شرایط ایرلاک برای جلوگیری از اتلاف فشار هوا در سیستم های انتقال با فشار و دمای بالا بسیار ضروری است.
ما موفق به ساخت صد درصدی این تجهیز برای پتروشیمی بندر امام شدیم.
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Welcome to petsaco

In Petsaco, managers and company employees will be happy to receive and complete requests from you. We can cooperate with you in the following ways: 1 - Make the parts and equipment you need inside Iran with cheap production costs and send you in every region of the world. 2 - We will make the parts and equipment of your customers in Iran and under your supervision for your customers in Iran or anywhere in the world and send them to your customers on your behalf 3 - In Iran, introduce and sell your products and products related to the activities of this company 4 - We will provide the goods needed by our customers at the times required by the customers of the company and delivered to them


Our Skills:

Manufacturing high precision components (micron precision)100%
Manufacturing various parts with different types of material100%
Custom-made goods even with very low numbers100%
Build all kinds of complete equipment under your license100%
Marketing and sales of your expected products in Iran100%

About us

The company of Petsaco began acting in Iran over two decades ago. The main activities of this company are: 1- Reverse engineering, designing and manufacturing of parts and mechanical equipment, based on the demands of their customers, which are often oil, gas, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food, automotive, mining, cement and related to various types of industrial machinery , Agriculture, road construction, and so on. These components and equipment are based on a customer's existing sample or design plan, or they are designed and built on the basis of a customer-driven process. The materials used to make these goods consist of a variety of metals, non-metallic materials, polymers, alloys and super alloys. 2- Custom import of goods from all over the world in various fields of mechanical, electrical, instrumental, electronic, medicine, medicine and new technologies.

Some goods made in Petsaco

In this section, you can see some of the components and equipment made by this company


Our Goals

Being a trusted manufacturer of company clients in the field of reverse engineering and manufacturing of all kinds of mechanical parts and equipment



Granting representation

All partner companies, students and retired technical staff are invited to work as corporate representatives.



Competitive Advantage

Production of highly precise rotary parts up to 170,000 rpm and precision of one millimeter of titanium, tungsten and more



Product Range

The range of products manufactured in Petsaco includes all kinds of machinery and equipment for a variety of factories, industrial machines, agricultural machinery, road construction and automobiles. 

Petsaco Managers
To find out about key executives' backgrounds and abilities, click on the person's images and read their resume.
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کارشناس ارشد مهندسی برق الکترونیک     نائب رئیس و عضو هییت مدیره          مدیر بخش برق, ابزار دقیق و کنترل
کارشناسی ارشد مدیریت استراتژیک       رئیس هیئت مدیره و مدیرعامل
دکترای مکانیک گرایش ساخت و تولید    مدیر بخش مکانیک و ساخت
مهندسی شیمی گرایش پتروشیمی            عضو هییت مدیره                            مدیر بخش تجهیزات پایپینگ

Some of Our Customers

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Map of Petsaco

Photo Gallery

Contact Us

  • No. 9, Daneshvar Alley, Enghelab Square, Tehran, Iran
  • آیکن   44872484-021 - 02144841229